Too Disorganized to get organized


I woke up this morning on a mission.

Yesterday I had organized my pantry after our recent move, and I went shopping to follow my meal plan, so meals this week are planned and prepped for! I felt ready to conquer the day! It’s amazing what momentum can do to help you move a large rock…or goal.
5:30 AM I was out of the shower pouring my first cup of coffee and diving headlong into another long overdue task: creating a Preschool curriculum. My daughter is home schooled, and we were doing well until about December, when we moved into a fixer-upper we had bought in downtown Colorado Springs. Now, in June, we were both ready to have a routine back into our school days as well. By 10:30 AM I had created art boxes, and 4 other sensory bins as well as labeled her binders, filled out a week’s worth of preschool activities onto the calendar and more.

At first, I had resisted putting the effort into doing these last things, because I was feeling guilty about not sitting down to do another post. After a month’s hiatus working on my mom’s kitchen, I needed to get back to work. What resulted was a week of being unproductive, and having my daughter not like me much. Everyone was hungry, and bored. Obviously, they had no meal plan, activities set up, or guidance of any kind. Sometime you have to realize you’re the leader of this merry band, and get your act together. I realized I needed to take responsibility of my own actions and stop blaming the baby – so to speak.  In two days I achieved what it took me a weeks to avoid.  Crazy how stubborn I can be.

Are you feeling a bit like I did? Too disorganized to even know where to start? Meals, bills, laundry, and work leave little time to kick back and relax. The crazy part about it, was it only took me 2 days to organize my food into meal plans (and shop for it all!) as well as create a customized, stocked preschool with a week’s worth of projects in all developmental areas. 2 days while I was still caring for a family!

How did I do it?

Click on each lesson for more information.

Lesson #1
Reluctance only makes an easy task difficult.

reluctance makes a easy task difficult

Lesson #2
It’s easier to not re-invent the wheel.



Lesson #3
Don’t get analysis paralysis.


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