Skittles Color Fusion

We bought these adorable silicone baking cups a while back and have been having so much fun finding new purposes for them!  Here are two activities that can be done back to back with your 2-5 year old.

Skills:  Fine Motor, Science, & Color Theory (Art)

What you need: 

1 bag of skittles (regular version)
Silicone baking cups in matching colors to the skittles
Small bowl
Hot water in a cup
Kids tweezers – optional

Pour skittles into bowl
Arrange silicone cups around bowl
Set plate, hot water cup, and tweezers to the side for 2nd project


Present activity – sorting colors into cup. Can also use tweezers to sort.

When skittles are sorted, taste test a few. 🤗 (experiment)

Then allow child to pour water onto plate, and re-arrange silicone cups around the plate as they like.

Next ask child what they think will happen if we put skittles into the water. (Hypothesis)

Allow child to add skittles one at a time with fingers or tweezers.


Observe what happens. The colors mix, the skittles turn white and then begin to break down.

Once the skittles have begun breaking down the tweezers are nice to pull them out of the water to taste test again.

2016-09-09-18-45-31   2016-09-09-18-43-09

Was their hypothesis correct?  What happened?  Discuss as you munch any remaining skittles with the child.

Dagny then wanted to move the skittles back into the original tub.


Ask child to help clean up work space


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Did you do this project?  What went well?  What changes did you make?  I love hearing from my readers!!

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