Healthy Family Meal Plan

It’s a new year and everyone everywhere seems to add the same goal or resolution to their list…”Loose weight, eat better, drink more water, ect”  How to really fit that into your already busy life though….it’s why each year the goal / desire is there, but the follow through fails.  My next project, I’d like to do with you!  I’m currently reading “The Daniel Plan” and “Brain Maker” for ideas and stratigies to take our meal planning and diet to the next level.  I’m already making my own kombucha, water kefir, and milk kefir as well as making a lot of meals from scratch.  What I want to do next and share with you — is getting that food into the freezer, fridge, and crock pot so we can sit down to healthy meals together without a lot of work in the evenings (and mornings).


“The Brain Maker” discusses the pros of probiotics and prebiotics in the making of a healthy digestive tract.

“The Daniel Plan” discusses the Biblical aspects of keeping your personal temple to God in peak performance and offers some easy to incorporate ideas for keeping up the faith when things get busy.

I’d love for you to join me in weekly discussions, recipe sharing, and accountability!  I plan to incorporate this into a once a month freezer meal cooking concept.  Eventually we will have our indoor garden going soon too, which will help offset the cost of fresh salads and veggies.  If you are interested in joining me, (reading the books not required, but the Brain maker is available on Audible), just send me an email at  I will add you to the group!

Here’s to starting out 2017 with a fresh outlook!

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