Brandy Spicher – Overcome & Prevail!

“I was sitting there, handcuffed, waiting to be assigned a prison cell. I kept thinking, I can’t believe this is my life! I’ve completely messed up.”  Brandy was headed to prison for several years. Coming out, she was determined to change her life. Her homecoming, however, brought back the same people and places she had been prior to her arrest. Soon, she was selling heroin to fund her own addiction. Heroin is the most addictive illegal drug, according to CNN Health. Many users report it being easier to kick tobacco than heroin due to the extreme euphoric rush users initially experience and the numbing effects on the central nervous system.

Predictably, Brandy found herself once again in prison.

“This is it. Now I’ve messed up the lives of other people, not just my own.” She recalled thinking as she sat on the cold cement floor. I had no one to call. No one cared. All alone with her thoughts, her body raged through withdrawal. Sweats, chills, fever, vomiting. Withdrawal cold turkey from heroin is like the flu on steroids, however, instead of a comfortable bed with someone fetching soup and Kleenex, Brandy had a cranky prison guard and her own body for a pillow.

Sitting at rock bottom she would start over, making herself into a new woman. One with a plan to turn her sales skills into good. She began planning her new life, writing her goals in a notebook and adding to it each day.

The best way to succeed is to PLAN. Read your plan every day, write more, keep adding to it.” — Brandy

Her first plan was to move. When she was released the second time she moved to a new city. She left her drug addict clients, her circle of friends, and everything she knew to start over in a new home.

Change your place,
Change your people,
Change your direction. — Brandy

With her mind renewed, she started carving out her new life. A marriage, a new job, and her future started looking quite bright. That is until her husband began abusing her. Little did he know, what she had already accomplished. “Ha!” She said, “I’ve kicked heroin’s ass. You, sir, have no chance of getting me down!” She hatched a plan and left the loser behind to deal with his own issues.

Brandy is now a coach for Beach Body, selling nutritious shakes and self-love. Her next goals are to build her coaching business to allow her to work as a coach full time, and inspire women just like her to take hold of the reigns of their own lives.


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