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Today’s topic is the resources I use to quickly create blog posts. From graphic design, my blogging platform, to music beds. I’ll cover my most used and well loved sites!

Kalatu Premium

I had tried several blogging platforms since starting out writing online. I did the wordpress free site, self-hosted on wordpress through Go-Daddy, created my own website from scratch using Dreamweaver (I have a solid background in HTML) just to name a few.  Kalatu has been by far the fastest to set up. At first, Kalatu felt constricting. I couldn’t do all the tiny tweeks and edits I could with Dreamweaver, but that was THE POINT. I needed to get to work writing, and stop coding! This site got me going and the 21 day blogging challenge templates make writing a post each day as easy as filling out a questionnaire. Check it out here, and if you want to get a fourteen day pass for two bucks just shoot me a message on social media or email:


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I use the web clipper to grab pages I want to read later. The clipper will simplify the page – removing cluttering ads and then save the info – with links to your specified Evernote folder. Unlike Pinterest,there are no worries if the page disappears! The content is saved to Evernote, not the link to the page itself. You can create notebooks to sort projects and track goals. You can view the content in your notebooks on or offline. This link will get you 30 days of Evernote Premium for free.

Click Here to Learn More About Evernote


Chrome Add-On Extention makes it even better:


Ever go to Pinterest and click on the link, only to find the information is no longer available?  Broken links! Augh.  With Web Clipper, you can save the actual document, or page – with out the ads – to your Evernote notebooks.  Contents of the page are searchable, and easy to read.  Any articles I want to read I come across get clipped and saved to the “read later” notebook and I can quickly read them without the distraction of the ads everywhere!   I have recipe notebooks, read later notebooks, and other specialized to my interests – like Kombucha and Sour Dough bread!

Empower Network

I listen to audios and watch training videos everyday from this company. I am an affiliate and do sell their products as well – full disclosure. I do so because I LOVE the product! I’ve been to other sites, I’ve signed up and paid for training from other companies and people who say they will give you the “secrets” to earning big bucks online. I’ve read books by people promising the same thing.
In general, they said to sign up for BlueHost, which I tried. It was a huge mistake. It was difficult to map to the domain, and a call to customer service meant a 2 or more hour hold. Not so with Empower. You have a coach to help you if you get stuck. There are SO many training videos. If you are interested in improving your knowledge base of internet marketing and learning how to get people to join you, this training will really help you move forward. I listen to the audio files from the inner circle all day long. If I can’t be reading a book – I’m listening to Inner Circle. It’s educational and motivational brain training!

The culture at Empower is so amazing I can’t say enough good things about it. My mission is to help others succeed at their calling. — I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t constantly improving myself.  Through this network, I have grown so much faster and become so much more focused on producing blog posts since joining than I ever did the years I spent in college, and going it alone in my business.

If you are wanting to learn more about skyrocketing your ability to close sales, improve client relationships and drive more leads to your business this training is a MUST.

Sign up at the link below- you have a risk free 14 day trial of the audio training, video training, and Premium blogging platform. It includes videos on getting started making money online. These videos are so much more in depth – AND HONEST – than I have found from any other company out there. They tell you what you really need to do and where to focus your energy to start making money in your business. This training is not for those who are wanting to stay stagnant in their careers. This is for those of us who want to develop themselves as quickly as possible.This membership includes a free month of affiliate marketing products, like sales funnels, landing pages, and more. If you don’t want to sell Empower Network products, no worries, just let them know you need the training for your own business and you’ll be all set. The best part is there are no high pressure sales. You can develop yourself as quickly or slowly as you are comfortable! It’s as if college courses were recorded and available for you to watch anytime of day – as many times as you want!

Click Here to Get Access to Empower Network


Graphic Stock

I shoot alot of my own photos for the motivational posters and images on this site, but sometimes I don’t have the right picture and don’t want to set up a shoot right now just to have a compelling image for my post. This is when I turn to Graphic Stock. It’s a yearly subscription for around $100/yr for unlimited downloads of both raster (.jpg) and vector (.eps) files. I can pull down the quality royalty-free images, add my text and presto! My work is done and it’s time to hunt down my daughter, who found the flour jar…

Click Here to Learn More About Graphic Stock


Audio Blocks

When I’m editing a video or podcast, Audio Blocks is where I go to get music beds and stingers. You can search based on all sorts of different criteria – Style (Blues, Jazz, Classical, Rock, ect) Instruments, tempo, and easily preview the sound without downloading or listening to the whole thing. it gives you the waveform right on the screen. Just mouse over the part you want to hear on one of the search results. The beds are unlimited downloads, and royalty free. Sweet deal.

Click Here to Learn More About Audio Blocks


Air BnB

I’m always planning our next big adventure. I love dreaming and then doing. Air BnB lets us live like a local – we stay with a host at our destination, usually in their home. There are all sorts of unique places to stay from glamping (glamorized camping) to resort quality apartments and condos you can rent the whole place out for a week or a month!

I love this so much more than hotels. For the family, it’s more inviting, and we love that we’re helping out other real people instead of a cold hotel chain. Click the link to sign up and get $25 off your first stay!

Click Here to Learn More About Air BnB




I use workflowy for both work and personal.  It’s a bullet point list on steroids.  Super simple to use, easy to navigate, intuitive and keeps my to-do’s and ideas organized.   It’s available online and as a app on your phone or tablets.  It syncs across all the devices so your up to date no matter what device you are on.   There’s no coupon for joining, as it’s already free to do your first 250 or so bullet points.  After that it’s $50 per year.  Check it out!



What are your favorite sites or programs?

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