Alika Thompson is a mom, journalist, and child of God.  She grew up in the Midwest and enjoys mountain hikes, putting her feet in large bodies of water and spending quiet time with her family.  Alika started this site to share ideas, strategies, and inspiration with others that keep her moving toward her own goals in life.

Are you trying to work on some goals, but finding yourself stuck, giving up, or just without anyone to turn to for that “push”?  Go to my facebook page and DM me.  I’ll put you in a small accountability group.  These groups are no more than 5 people, you’ll get to know one another, post your current push goals, and talk about anything that is holding you down.  Having a super-supportive network with a variety of perspectives makes each member that much better.

Speaking of goals, one of our family goals is to go to Disney Land in California next year (or Dagny is really rooting for New York City, as she wants to visit her “brothers” the Ninja Turtles.  I mentioned driving there…

“Oh no, no we’ll fly.”  Our jet-setting 3 year old responded.  She’s only flown once, but she apparently remembers how much nicer it was to fly sans car seat for an hour and a half to Denver, instead of 9 hours of interstate when we were moving to Colorado Springs.  We have driven that route more times than I can count.  Until she turned 2 we could fly or take the train for the cost of just one ticket, and that was definitely the way to go.

Our saving goal for this vacation is $5,800.  We’ve involved Dagny in the process so she can start to see and be a part of saving up for something great.  Then we came across this contest while shopping for preschool supplies. . . Vaultz is giving away $5,000 to the winner so we were excited to enter and this is where I’m asking for your help!  The top 50 liked photos will go in for a 2nd round of judging by the company.

 We would be sooo grateful if you would click on the link to Vote and “Like” Dagny’s photo!!   THANK YOU!